Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to Erica's Craft Room
25 days of Christmas
with 25 Cricut projects a day
dont forget to stop By Erica's Blog to see 24 more projects,
And everyday In december
Here is my project...

I decided to make a card for my next project. Its a gingerbread man card. I used the Jolly Holidays cartrige to make it. The tag is from that also. It was very simple to make and came out cute.

here is a close up of the ginger bread man. I hope you guys enjoyed my card. well iam off to bed. have a great night all.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to Erica's craft Room
25 days of Christmas
with 25 Cricut projects a day
Dont for get to stop by Erica's blog to see 24 more projects
And everyday in December
Here is my project

Its called winter fun. I used Jolly Holidays and winder wonder land. It was fun making this layout. I have so much snow pics to scrap. Sorry i dont have any more pics, my camera wasnt working so well. Go and check out the other talented ladies. have a great weekend all, Happy scrappin!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello, how is everyone doing? iam good here. got up early today so now iam getting tired. but iam making my self stay up. and i have some errands to run in town. i for got to anouce that i iam on Ericas Craft room, 25 days in december design team. Iam so excided!!! Iwill post my project on the 1st. its pretty cool. i get to catch up on my layouts.
well i better get going here, just wanted to pop in and say hi. have a great day all!!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Monday

Hello all, monday already. Not much going on yet. been on the computer for a bit. then iam gonna get some clenaing done before the lil wakes up. its one of thoe glommy days here. just a quick hi! have a great day all!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Monday

Hi all, gosh monday all ready. A quick post today. Was rough morning, but starting to get better. The time is just flying by so fast. its already 1:22 here, havent even started cleaning the house. iam hopeing the lil one will take a nap soon. that all for today. i started a page that i havent finished. hopefully tonight i will. its for My Cricut Craft Room Blog. Wishme luck. have a good monday all, if any one is reading.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello My Bloggy friends. Been Mia for ever it seems. Life has been crazy. Probably sense I had my lil one, no time to blog. its been crazy. she is one now. she is a hand full. I chase her all day long, but she is our lil monster. Anyhow plan to be back with some scrappy projects. I need to get back on the ball. Its been for ever sense i had worked on a page. So i plan this weekend, to work on some layouts. well have a great weekend all. happy scrappin!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Page Map Sketch

Hello all, happy Saturday. I worked on a page last night. Over at Page Maps they have a monthly sketch there. So I thought Id give it a try. Here is my take on it. I had these monkey stickers for the longest time. I knew I wanted to use them with these pics of my daughter. Then My friend had given me The monkey paper, so come to find out it went together. anyhow I must say I liked how the page turned out!
Here is a close up of the titile, you cant really see it but i used those glue dots that are pop up.

And here is the whole page. Sorry if its a bit blurry. my camera doent focus well any more. Thanks Page maps for the great sketch.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Gosh Thursday already, and i havent posted here snese the 1st of July. Iam so bad at this! I havent even done any scrappy projects. iam so behind that for sure. So hopefuly this weekend i will stay up and get some pages done.
Today we had a docts appt for the little one, athena. This was her 1st appt sense she got her tubes in her ears. and Iam happy to say that she is doing very well. The doc said her earing has improved alot! Its 100% and her ears look good. she has'nt snored sense then. iam happy. She is taking a nap now. and Makayla is playing on her leapster.

I just wanted to do a quick update snese i had some time. well now iam off to get some clenaing done. have a good thursday all!


Friday, July 1, 2011

Have a Great weekend all

Hello all, just wanted to wish eveyone a Happy 4th Of july. Have a good and safe one. We are not doing much. Probably just do some fireworks with the kids. hopefulluy next week i will be back with some scrappy stuff! There is no time with the kids. and then when they go to bed iam tired. with this heat also i get lazy and tired.
have a great night all!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July 4th Cards

Hello, all iam back. at least for now. It' so hard to keep up with this blog. But iam gonna try my best.I made this July 4th cards for the Fantabulous Cricut challenge. This was my first time welding a card. It came out ok. I have so much more to learn. I have the design studio. SO i try to practice when i get time. its very confusing.
anyhow i made different signs on each card. but they are pretty much the same. I cant Wait for mt friends to get these. have a great day! here is all four cards.

Close up of the glitter.

One of the cards all done.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Good Morningwhh

hey all, good morning. its pretty late and i can not go to sleep for some reason. iam blogging from my cell phone. so i hope it comes out alright. i havent blogged in a while. been bust with the family. my little one had tubes put in her ears after all.that was a week ago. she is doing good. she looks better. i have done any scrapbooking. i just havent had any motivation what so ever. maybe tomarrow if i get my desk clean enough i will. well i better try and go to bed.have nice nite all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I cant sleep

My little one just went to sleep or at least I thin she did. So now i cant sleep. So I thought Id post here. Not much going on here. Another glommy day here. Tomarrow we are expecting more storms. Not fun. I wish the summer would get here and no more rain.

Iam working on some scrappy projects. I have my sisters card to do then fathers day cards and some pages. Iam never going to get cought up with all the pics. and Now i have more pics from our California trip.

Well I guess that all for tonight. i better get to bed its already going to be 1:00am. have a great night all.


Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello all. Sorry for the late post. We did alot of running around and didn't get home till late. Now the girls are in bed so i have some time to my self. I have some pics to share. I made this gifts for Makaylas teacher. Her last day of school was on Wednesday. I must say that they came out pretty nice. I made note cards and a bag box thing to but them in. It was kinda small but that was the only size it went to. I think it was at 7 1/2. Then i covered some journals and i put some pencils also. I got thanks you cards from her teacher and teachers aid. They like them.
Here is up close of the cards.

Here is everything all together. I just tied it all with some twine.

This weekend iam hopeing to get some pages done. iam so far behind. My poor makayla was sick yesterday with a fever. today she went to the docs and turns out she has a strep through. so she is on meds and has to stay away from the little one. She is doing better today.

well i gotta go, Athena decided to wake up! Have a great weekend all.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Iam Back

Iam back my scrappin buddies! Well Actually I came back last Saturday. Just been cleaning the house and putting things away. Its nice to be home. We went to California to visit family and friends. We went for Easter to a family Reunion. We had fun. I took lots of pics of course! Here are a few.

My baby girl had her 1st Birthday out there. So he had a party for her. Here she is in the swing having fun!

We had to take a pic with the In N Out sign. Yes we look like tourist! Its all good. :)

We also went to Knotts Berry Farm. Makayla had a blast there. she loved it. Athena was amazed with Snoopy.

We had a good time. was a short trip though. I love seeing my family. Hopefully this next week i will be back with some scrappy things. I want to make something for makayla's teacher. I need to get some ideas. I cant believe her last day of school is Wednesday. time flies by. well my friends have a great Saturday.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Hello all, I just had to share My flowers that the hubby brought me this morning. I had told him not to get me anything for mu Birthday. We are going on vacation in like 2 days so we have been saving. so i told hm not to worry. My wonderful daughter brought me breakfast in bed yesterday. that was so nice she had been planning it all along. and she made me a card. so i was happy with that. So my hubby some home from work this morning with the flowers and a card. I love him for that! He's the greatest! So anyhow i had a pretty good Birthday so far. Now aim just getting stuff ready for our trip. i still have to pack. just taking a little break. well have a great day all. i will post before I leave. Angie

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Challenge at FCCB

Hello all, sorry posting so late. I am not sleepy yet! Been a busy day. Anyhow Here is my entry for the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog. They had a challenge using the colors pink, green and yellow. I had trouble taking pics because of the light pink letters on the title. So i took a few pics. Hope you guys like it! And Oh before I forget I used the Winter Wonderland Cartridge and Plaintif school Book. Here is a close up of the bunnie and pics.
The other bunnie
The title in pink.
And finally the whole page. hope you guys like it! I promise my picture skills will get better. have a great night all!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Almost Over

Gosh were has this day gone! It's almost over. I just got done washing the dishes from dinner, we had Enchiladas, they were yummy! My Poor Makayla says her ear hurts. I think she is coming down with a cold. and athena also has an ear infection. not fun, it's this frekin weather. one day it's cold and the next its hot! I just hope they get better soon! I did manage to get some pages done this weekend. I will post them tomarrow. Iam also working on some sketches. i got to go makayla is calling me! happy Sunday all! Angie

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello all, sorry for that hello post yesterday. I was trying to post from my cell phone and i did'nt know how to work it so i must have press the send button by accident! It is pretty warm here in Oklahoma today. it's nice. Just makes fell lazy and not want to do anything today! I did manage to get some pages done last night. i'll try and post them tomarrow. I als have to make decorations for my dd b-day coimng up next month. I cant beleive she will be 1 already. it seems like i just had her! Iam excided cause we are having her birhday party In California. We are going out ther for 2 weeks, for easter. My family has'nt meet Athena yet so they are excided. Well I better get going, Makayla got home and she needs to clean her bedroom and have a snack. have a great day all! Angie

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

finally a Layout............

Yes i finally have a layout to share with you all. I am still on Halloween pics. actually i still have pics form last year also i haven't done. I kinda like this page. but i fell something is missing. Maybe it's me. and the title to me is a bit cricked. who know i might go back and re do it! Not much going on here. just been cleaning around the house and going to make dinner soon. the girls are playing in the room and the hubby is playing video games. I'll be back tomorrow with some more pages done. Iam working on some more Halloween. have a nice Sunday all! Angie

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday

Hello all. A quick post before the kiddos wake up. they both are napping at the same time. Love it!
Today we went on a field trip with Makaylas class. it was at a kids farm. it was really nice. the kids had lots of fun . They had a hay ride, bounce house, barrel train ride, magic show. the kids got to eat lunch there. here she is posing for me after eating lunch. she is too funny. she looks at me and say this is the best day ever! then at the end of the day she goes mommy thanks for coming. I was like awww, i love it. It made it all worth while!!

Miss athena was just starting at everything and everyone. she was a good baby. didn't cry at all. she liked the hay ride i think. well not much going on this weekend. my hubby is going to play paintball tomorrow. so just me and the girls. so iam hoping to scrapbook a bit. been saying that for about 3 weekends now.

well got to go, the little one just got up. have a great weekend all.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week Flew By

Gosh where did this week go? It went by fast. Thursday already. Not much going on today just clean as usuall. I did'nt have time to get some layouts done. hopefully today I can. Iam so far behind!

My baby Girl got her report card Tuesday. she did very well. iam so proud of her. The only thing is that she tends to talk at time, but she is still learning to be around kids. So I went to walmart yesterday and got her some clothes for her barbie dolls. she was super happy. Then tomarrow she has a feild trip to a farm. she is really excided about that. We are going to meet her there.

Well i hope eveyone is having a great day.


Friday, March 18, 2011

been a while

hello all, gosh its been a while sense i have been on here. just been busy with the kiddos. Makayla is on spring break. other than not not much going on here. i have'nt had time to srapbook lately. i am hoping tonight i could once the kids go to bed.
the little one is naping right now. I finally got thier pictures taken at a studio. omg they came out so cute. i cant waite to get the pics. they had on matching dresses.

well i better get some things done before she wakes up. have a great day all. talk to you later.

happy scrappin

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

Hello all, good afternoon I should say here. It's all ready 3:13 here. SO i guess it's past the afternoon. any how, i just want to say a quick Happy Birthday to my hubby. I love ya! He turns 31 today. We went out last night without the kiddos, it was nice. today we are going out for pizza. So he had a good weekend. I don't have a pic of him by himself, only of us together.

I have been getting more pages done. iam so happy. The night before i was working on A valentine one, for makaylas cards from school that she got. I cant Waite to share. it's coming out cute!
Have a great Sunday all.



Back again, this time with some layouts to share. i have been on a roll for the last few days. it's nice to get do do pages again. I have been trying to get athena's book started. iam way behind in hers. so here are a few I have done...

This one is a bit blurry. I thought it came out cute. I used the sugar and spice cartridge.
I love how this one turned out. my super model. used my minds eye kit.

This one has to be my favorite one of all. My two girls here. are'nt those little people cute. hey are from sugar and spice also.

And the last one of me and my hubby holding Athena for the first time. I love these pics. I actually got this from a sketch in scrapbook ect magazine.
Hope you guys like my pages. have a great night all.

Rainy Day

it's been raining all day long here. so it's been kind of a gloomy day. Not much going on here. I have been scrappin. Evey night I have been working on a Page. I think My mojo is finally back!! yay.
So tomorrow I will post some pics of my pages.
Hope everyone is having a great day.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recap On V-day

Hello all , been a crazy few days. now iam back. Have some v-day pics to share. so pic overload.
We had a nice Valentines day. On Sunday i cooked a nice dinner for us. I gave makayla and my hubby our gifts. They liked them. on Monday Makayla and I made cupcakes. so we had a nice one. Makayla had her valentines party the friday before. she had a lot of fun. she came home with all her cards and candy. it was so cute.
Not much going on today. it has been a couple of nice days here. it's getting a bit warm. I think we are suppose to get rain tomorrow. But the weekend is suppose to be nice. This weekend we are going to a petting zoo with some friends of ours. Makayla is excited to go. well i better get some cleaning done. Athena just fell asleep. so i better take advantage before makayla gets home. have a wonderful day all. Makayla helping me with the sprinkles on the cupcakes.

My hubby got this bear foe her. she just loves it.

here iam with my girls.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Friday

Friday all ready here. it's 12:32 and Iam still up. My lil one does not want to go to sleep. I don't hear her cry any more so maybe she is finally asleep. Lets hope :)

I did get some scrappin done today. I did twp pages and then I ran out of those stickers you put on the back. I cant think of the name. anyhow i need to pick some more up so i can finish my pages. I think my mojo may be coming back. yay.

Whats everyone doing this weekend? Iam not sure what we are doing. We are suppose to get out taxes tomorrow. If we do we were going to the city to shop a bit, so iam hoping! I want to take makayla to watch the movie gnomio and Juliet. I think that's how you spell it! I do want to get out of the house. well i better better get going. have a great night all.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day...

Yes more snow today. No more snow, i cant Waite for spring to get here. Makayla didn't have school today, she was bummed out a bit. They say tomorrow it is suppose to get better and this weekend it's suppose to get warm. we will see.

Not much going on here today. Iam on the computer. The little on is in her walker making a mess every where she goes. And Makayla is working on her homework. Oh and the hubby is playing video games as always. we are just trying to keep warm. I went to take the trash out and it was freezing out there. that wind doent help! well have a great day all. I might do some scrappin later. there is a sketch at page maps that i want to do and at scrapgirl. so I might get those done later.


Monday, February 7, 2011

V-Day Cards

Here is a close up of Minnie.
A close up of the tag, says Love ya!

Hello all. a quick post before I go to bed. I made My Valentines Day Cards. I must say they came out cute. They are also for the challenge at Fantabulous challenge blog. It's share the love and we have to use love . So I made these cards using the Mickey font cartridge. The tag on the top says Love ya. They are also having a Blog hop there too, you should go check it out.
This is the most scrappin I have done in a while. I wanted to do more tonight But iam getting tired. Maybe tomorrow. We are suppose to get another storm tomorrow night. More snow. I cant Waite for spring to come. Well they say that this weekend should be nicer. Crazy weather I say. Well have a great night all. stay warm.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally did a page..

I actually worked on a layout today. Well i started it yesterday and i just finished it. It was for a challenge at Inspired BluePrints. It was a nice sketch and I thought I'd give it a try. I think It came out pretty good. When I took the pic it was bit blurry. My camera has a spot maybe where the lens is, or something. Iam not sure.
Well i better get to bed now. I think tomorrow I'll work on another page, i fell inspired. have a great night all.
Happy Scrappin

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I took These pics from indoors, too cold to go out just yet.
View from the window!

Here are some pics of the snow going on here. It's pretty crazy. I guess it's a state of emergency in some places. Last I heard it was 8 degrees here. Brrrrr. We are just trying to stay warm here, But it's so cold that the cold come in through the window cracks and by the door. We have the heater on sense the morning. Iam not sure how my hubby is going to work. When He got home this morning he said the tires were already stuck in the snow. SO I have t wake him up early so he could try and get the truck out or he will be in for the rest of the night!
So we have just been wathcing tv, on the computer and coloring. I told makayla we might try and get some Valentines cards done later. It's just gonna be a lazy day. Stay warm those of you who have snow. Have a great day !

Monday, January 31, 2011

kids are asleep......

I cant belive the kids are asleep already and it's barley 9:23. it's nice! They never go to sleep this early so afthe this iam going to clean up a bit and get some pages done tonight.

We are suppose to get some bad weather tonight. It started in the city but suppose to be coming our way. We went shoping earlier and the store was crazy. People were filling thier carts up like crazy. we should be fine incase we have to stay in dorrs for a few days. It might be some goood time to get scrappin. It just started raining and hailing. crazy weather. well have a great night all.


Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello all. Been a while again. Iam back. Look what i found today at Walmart. I was looking at the clearance part . They had some toys and other things there. I did find some filling folders. which were cute and only a dollar. Some other things for makayla of course and cheap. anyhow i saw some cricut cartriges. Of course I had to look. I saw this tinker Bell one. It had two prices. one was 24$ and 20$. SO I was going to take it to the register and see what price it really was. anyhow it turned out to be $8.00. I was like wow even better. so i just had to share with you guys my find. I cant Waite to use it.

Today we just went to town and ran errands and got some lunch and came home. It was nice to get out of the house. It is such a great day today. I did'nt have to wear a sweater today. It is suppose to be this way all weekend. Iam excited. it's almost like spring out. I think I'll take makayla to ride her bike tomorrow. she hasn't even rode it sense her birthday and that was in Nov.

well friends i better get going and get some cleaning done cause I do want to scrapbook this weekend. Iam so way behind. Have a great Friday and weekend.

Happy Scrappin

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Morning

Good morning all. Iam still tired. I might go back to sleep after my post here. Athen is still asleep. Last night I think I fell asleep at about 2:20ish or so. I do have a lot of cleaning to get done. I dont know why but. when my hubby is home i just dont do much around the house. It gets messier when he is home . I get lazy for some reason. is that wrong?

Everyone have a great day.


Monday, January 17, 2011


Good morning all. I could not get up this morning at all I was so tired. Athena woke up early this morning wet and i changed her and feed her and we both fell back to sleep. I think this medicines she is taking are making her a but sick, as she is going to the bath room a lot! poor baby! So today Iam actually drinking some coffee so I could stay awake. I have allot to do in the house sense I did'nt do much this weekend!

I did'nt get to scrapbook Like i had planed so maybe tonight I will make some time once the kids go to sleep! Have a great day all!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday

Hello all, how is every one doing today? Iam good. Just a quick post here before i start to clean up a bit. Athena just fell asleep so i get some free time for a bit! And Makayla is waiting to play a game on the computer.

Yesterday I took the girls to the doctors. Makayla was doing better with her allergies but gave her a different medicine to try and see if that works better. And poor Athena she had a ear infection and her chest was congested. They put her on a inhaler. she doent like it it at all. it goes on her face like a mask. and she has to take 2 medicines twice a day. I know she will get better. so that was our day yesterday.

Today i am not sure what we are doing. We might go out later this evening , get some shopping done and get something for dinner. well i better get going time for lunch. Not sure what iam gonna make though !

Have a great Saturday all!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where has the week gone..

My new purse. I actually found one I liked.

Wow I cant believe it's Thursday already. This week just flew by again! My little one is napping, but should be up soon. Today I got the paper i ordered from Peachy Cheap. I ordered the My Minds Eye Abby road kit. I have been wanting it just never ordered it. Iam excited to use it, I might just scrap tonight! Maybe, if iam not too tired!
Also i have to share the new purse I got yesterday. I thought it was super cute. I been wanting a new purse just haven't found one i really liked. Anyhow I like this one alot. they had other colors but I like pink.
I better get going makayla will be home soon and Athena should be waking up from her nap also. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's so freaking cold here! It's 12 degrees here, at least that's what it says on the weather thing on google. I might have the heater on all day long !

My little on is still asleep! She must be nice and warm. I wish i could go back to sleep. I have to run some errands today. So hopefully she will wake up soon. Not much going on here today. I all ready have the laundry going. I have to pick the girls room up a bit and put their clothes away. So maybe I might get to get some scrappin done today. Hopefully. have a great day all.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some Snow Today

We got some snow today. Not much. Not enough for Makayla to play in. She was excited to go out side so we only stood at the porch. It's a bit chilly tonight.
Not much went on today. We stayed home all day. I started putting things up on my desk. Hopefully tomorrow I can begin to scrap. I was hoping to stay up tonight and get some cleaning done so I wont have so much tomorrow. Iam actually drinking some coffee, which I rarely drink, only if it's cold like the frappes! I put some pumpkin spice creamer and it's not too bad.
Well have a great night all. stay warm and comfy all!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello all, how is every one doing? I finally got my desk up. Well i still need to put like a side table and the part where the keyboard goes. But still not too bad. so tonight once the kiddos go to bed I can start putting up my scrapbooks things on there. Iam excited :)

Not much went on today we were lazy most of the day. we went shopping at Walmart and got dinner at Carl's Jr, yummy! That was my day not too exciting. well i better try to get the little one in bed, she is not tired for some reason. have a great night all.


Thursday, January 6, 2011


Iam trying to put a desk together and it's not fun. I had gotten a desk for my scrapbook stuff. So today I finally deiced to put it together and it's all wrong. I have to take it apart and start over it's backwards! So Iam a bit frustrated.

On a happier not, Yesterday we went out to the city, we had to take my mother in law to the doctor's. Afterwards we went to Target. I love that store! I got the girl some outfits. they had lots of sales. Even my hubby got some pants and a got the cutest sweater. Then we had lunch and went home. Oh I forgot I had to get some Starbucks. They still have the peppermint mocha. I was happy they still had it.

Well i better get going and try to finish this desk before Makayla gets home. have a h great day all!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Makayal and Athena. Makayla's smile is too funny!

Hello, I just have some pics to share with you guys today. My girls got matching pj's and they look so adorable. SO of course I had to take pics of them. I like they were both smiling.
Today I finally got the girls bedroom done. which Iam glad. It looks much better but now there isn't much room to but half of makayla's toys back. but it does look bigger in there. I guess i need to get rid of more toys. My goal this year is to get organized more. and iam really going to try it!
Well I better go eat dinner, We are eating at the in laws. have a great evening all.