Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I took These pics from indoors, too cold to go out just yet.
View from the window!

Here are some pics of the snow going on here. It's pretty crazy. I guess it's a state of emergency in some places. Last I heard it was 8 degrees here. Brrrrr. We are just trying to stay warm here, But it's so cold that the cold come in through the window cracks and by the door. We have the heater on sense the morning. Iam not sure how my hubby is going to work. When He got home this morning he said the tires were already stuck in the snow. SO I have t wake him up early so he could try and get the truck out or he will be in for the rest of the night!
So we have just been wathcing tv, on the computer and coloring. I told makayla we might try and get some Valentines cards done later. It's just gonna be a lazy day. Stay warm those of you who have snow. Have a great day !

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