Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recap On V-day

Hello all , been a crazy few days. now iam back. Have some v-day pics to share. so pic overload.
We had a nice Valentines day. On Sunday i cooked a nice dinner for us. I gave makayla and my hubby our gifts. They liked them. on Monday Makayla and I made cupcakes. so we had a nice one. Makayla had her valentines party the friday before. she had a lot of fun. she came home with all her cards and candy. it was so cute.
Not much going on today. it has been a couple of nice days here. it's getting a bit warm. I think we are suppose to get rain tomorrow. But the weekend is suppose to be nice. This weekend we are going to a petting zoo with some friends of ours. Makayla is excited to go. well i better get some cleaning done. Athena just fell asleep. so i better take advantage before makayla gets home. have a wonderful day all. Makayla helping me with the sprinkles on the cupcakes.

My hubby got this bear foe her. she just loves it.

here iam with my girls.


  1. Glad you had a great Valentine's Day!! The cupcakes look delicious. And I love the photo of you and your girls. Precious!!

  2. Wow u have a lil baker lol.those CUPCAKES LOOK SOOO GOOD LOL.Tell her I' gain 10 pounds just lookin' haha.Girl I' didnt know it had been that long since I' check my blog lol.I' would love to blog everyday.But I' dont have any followers andit is so depressing to have no one come by lol.I haven't done any blog candy.And dont feel I' have to Bribe anyone to come by.They can come on their own lol.I' spend most of my time blog hoppin' to find out about the new products and how to make better layouts.When ever I' do have spare time.I'm not workin' now and have the baby at least 3 times a week and on the weekend.Plus all the other kids omg I' need a break lol.I' dont know what cricut thing is coming here.I' havent heared about it please fill me in lol.

  3. What adorable girls! All 3 of you! SO glad you were able to come and play at SrapGal this weekened!