Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some Snow Today

We got some snow today. Not much. Not enough for Makayla to play in. She was excited to go out side so we only stood at the porch. It's a bit chilly tonight.
Not much went on today. We stayed home all day. I started putting things up on my desk. Hopefully tomorrow I can begin to scrap. I was hoping to stay up tonight and get some cleaning done so I wont have so much tomorrow. Iam actually drinking some coffee, which I rarely drink, only if it's cold like the frappes! I put some pumpkin spice creamer and it's not too bad.
Well have a great night all. stay warm and comfy all!


  1. brrrr!!! it looks cold!!! It's cold here, too but thankfully we don't have any snow. Hope you stay warm this week. And hope you get some scrapping done tomorrow!

  2. Hey sis Happy Belate New Year..How are you and the family doing.Wow you got a lot of snow .We'suspose to have some flurries here Wed otr Thurs.I'm sure it wont stick if we do lol.Thank you Love for the beautiful card.I' am so sorry I' did'nt send you one .I' did'nt have time to make any and with work and still dealing with thsi case is killing me.I' will surly send you some thing for Mother's Day if the Lord say the same.If I'have to buy one lol.Nevaeh is doing great so far.She is around 20 pounds now and she's 5 months old.How is Lil Mama & Makayla.How much do she weigh now.I' am sending you a blog award also.Have a bloessed nite Smooches Von.