Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Hello all, I just had to share My flowers that the hubby brought me this morning. I had told him not to get me anything for mu Birthday. We are going on vacation in like 2 days so we have been saving. so i told hm not to worry. My wonderful daughter brought me breakfast in bed yesterday. that was so nice she had been planning it all along. and she made me a card. so i was happy with that. So my hubby some home from work this morning with the flowers and a card. I love him for that! He's the greatest! So anyhow i had a pretty good Birthday so far. Now aim just getting stuff ready for our trip. i still have to pack. just taking a little break. well have a great day all. i will post before I leave. Angie

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Challenge at FCCB

Hello all, sorry posting so late. I am not sleepy yet! Been a busy day. Anyhow Here is my entry for the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog. They had a challenge using the colors pink, green and yellow. I had trouble taking pics because of the light pink letters on the title. So i took a few pics. Hope you guys like it! And Oh before I forget I used the Winter Wonderland Cartridge and Plaintif school Book. Here is a close up of the bunnie and pics.
The other bunnie
The title in pink.
And finally the whole page. hope you guys like it! I promise my picture skills will get better. have a great night all!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Almost Over

Gosh were has this day gone! It's almost over. I just got done washing the dishes from dinner, we had Enchiladas, they were yummy! My Poor Makayla says her ear hurts. I think she is coming down with a cold. and athena also has an ear infection. not fun, it's this frekin weather. one day it's cold and the next its hot! I just hope they get better soon! I did manage to get some pages done this weekend. I will post them tomarrow. Iam also working on some sketches. i got to go makayla is calling me! happy Sunday all! Angie

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello all, sorry for that hello post yesterday. I was trying to post from my cell phone and i did'nt know how to work it so i must have press the send button by accident! It is pretty warm here in Oklahoma today. it's nice. Just makes fell lazy and not want to do anything today! I did manage to get some pages done last night. i'll try and post them tomarrow. I als have to make decorations for my dd b-day coimng up next month. I cant beleive she will be 1 already. it seems like i just had her! Iam excided cause we are having her birhday party In California. We are going out ther for 2 weeks, for easter. My family has'nt meet Athena yet so they are excided. Well I better get going, Makayla got home and she needs to clean her bedroom and have a snack. have a great day all! Angie

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

finally a Layout............

Yes i finally have a layout to share with you all. I am still on Halloween pics. actually i still have pics form last year also i haven't done. I kinda like this page. but i fell something is missing. Maybe it's me. and the title to me is a bit cricked. who know i might go back and re do it! Not much going on here. just been cleaning around the house and going to make dinner soon. the girls are playing in the room and the hubby is playing video games. I'll be back tomorrow with some more pages done. Iam working on some more Halloween. have a nice Sunday all! Angie