Monday, May 23, 2011

I cant sleep

My little one just went to sleep or at least I thin she did. So now i cant sleep. So I thought Id post here. Not much going on here. Another glommy day here. Tomarrow we are expecting more storms. Not fun. I wish the summer would get here and no more rain.

Iam working on some scrappy projects. I have my sisters card to do then fathers day cards and some pages. Iam never going to get cought up with all the pics. and Now i have more pics from our California trip.

Well I guess that all for tonight. i better get to bed its already going to be 1:00am. have a great night all.


Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello all. Sorry for the late post. We did alot of running around and didn't get home till late. Now the girls are in bed so i have some time to my self. I have some pics to share. I made this gifts for Makaylas teacher. Her last day of school was on Wednesday. I must say that they came out pretty nice. I made note cards and a bag box thing to but them in. It was kinda small but that was the only size it went to. I think it was at 7 1/2. Then i covered some journals and i put some pencils also. I got thanks you cards from her teacher and teachers aid. They like them.
Here is up close of the cards.

Here is everything all together. I just tied it all with some twine.

This weekend iam hopeing to get some pages done. iam so far behind. My poor makayla was sick yesterday with a fever. today she went to the docs and turns out she has a strep through. so she is on meds and has to stay away from the little one. She is doing better today.

well i gotta go, Athena decided to wake up! Have a great weekend all.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Iam Back

Iam back my scrappin buddies! Well Actually I came back last Saturday. Just been cleaning the house and putting things away. Its nice to be home. We went to California to visit family and friends. We went for Easter to a family Reunion. We had fun. I took lots of pics of course! Here are a few.

My baby girl had her 1st Birthday out there. So he had a party for her. Here she is in the swing having fun!

We had to take a pic with the In N Out sign. Yes we look like tourist! Its all good. :)

We also went to Knotts Berry Farm. Makayla had a blast there. she loved it. Athena was amazed with Snoopy.

We had a good time. was a short trip though. I love seeing my family. Hopefully this next week i will be back with some scrappy things. I want to make something for makayla's teacher. I need to get some ideas. I cant believe her last day of school is Wednesday. time flies by. well my friends have a great Saturday.