Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Any Time Now......

Went to the docs this morning. She said i was 2 centimeters. so it could be any day now. Iam just wateing now. Iam so ready. Iam so tired. I walk from my house to my inlwas house which is next door. and iam already tired. my hubby makes fun of me all the time. I tell him it's not easy. well iam off to work on my bedroom now. have a great evening.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guess it's Saturday Now...

Iam up late again as always. but tonight I felt a bit creative. I made these frames. Which I have to say came out cute. I bought these frames today at the dollar store. I used the paper dolls cartrige. It had animals. I saw the idea from a once i have that has elephants all over. they are turquse and pink. So I said hey let me try that. So i made these frames. I like them. they are going up, where I have the baby's dresser. well thanks for looking. I just had to share. good night all. Time for bed now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lazy Day ....

It's always a lazy day here. I must have been on the cough all day. I just been so tired. It's getting close. iam hoping soon. I cant waite for this baby to come.
On a happier note i got my mickey Catrrige yesterday. I was happy have been wateing for it. I actually tried it last night. I could'nt waite. I made a Minnie head. it came out ok. I still need some more practice of course. Maybe this weekend i'll make some new pages. If i ge some mojo going. It's been like 2 weeks sense i have done any pages. iam so behind. and once the baby comes i'll really have no time all.
Thats all I have for tonight. have a nice weekend all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Tuesday

hello all. not much going on here. just here watching TV and on the computer. we had dinner a bit ago. Lasagna. was yummy. Well i had a docs appt this morning. Evey thing good. just waiting now. i hope soon. Am ready for this baby. This weekend coming up, they are having a baby shower for us. so am excited. well that's all for today.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy B-day To Me

Well today is My B-day. I really don't feel any older. Me and my sister were taking the other day and we agreed that once you hit a certain age b-days are not the same. it's like what ever.
We celebrated it on Friday. My hubby and daughter gave me a Heart bracelet. I love it. We had a nice dinner.
Today we are just here at home. it's a rainy day here. I don't like those days. makes you feel lazy i think. i have to finish up our bedroom. almost done. just a few things to rearrange. it's coming along I think. well have a great day all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cant sleep

What Am I doing up? dont know i just cant sleep. I went to the restroom and then i just could'nt sleep. it's 3:09am. Iam just so uncomfortable now. I toss and i turn all night.
now my daughter is got up. so all 3 of us are up. I know we are crazy. Iwill try to go tto bed soon.
Not much going on here this weekend. tomarrow they are making a b-day dinner. I requested enchiladas, rice and beans. yummy!!! My -day is sunday but my hubby works, so thats why we are doing it tomarrow. On saturday we are just cleaning the house. finally reanageing the bedrom around. to make room for the baby. We are just going to be around the house.
Iam als hoping to get some scrappy things done. iam so behind! I jus been so tired lately. i just dont want to do anything. My big belly gets in the way.
Before i leave just wantedto say hello to my friend Von. How are ya Girl. I just got your message. Miss ya girl. If you read this i'll write to you On Sb.com. if you check that. have a great weekend von.
I better try to get to sleep or else i'll be getting up late! I gotta to get my dd to bed also. night all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Once again i have'nt posted in a while. Been busy a bit. not much going on here. just wathing my nice and newphews. while my inlaws went into town. just been trying to get the house clean. This week i really need to get into gear and finish. i kept saying that but it really needs to happen. The baby will be here in a few weeks and i have not a thing ready. I have a buket of clothes just sitting there and not but away. I know thats bad.
wny how, and as for scrappy things, have'nt worked on that ethier. tonight iam making a card for my nices b-day next week. and maybe work on a layout. will see. well it's a short post again. have a great sunday all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Monday

Hope eveyone had a good easter. we did. here are a few pics. He went to brekfast really early before it would get packed. Then came home and hide eggs. Makayla had lots of fun. We had a nice day.
not much going on today. Same old stuff. clean and clean. nothing new. Tomarrow I have a docs appt. Well i better get to bed. it's a short post today.
night night all....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Saturday

We just got done coloring eggs. Makayla had fun. We did'nt do very many eggs cause we filled up the little plastic eggs with candy. tomarrow we are hideing eggs in the morning and then going to breakfast. My hubby has to work tomarrow at 2:00. And for dinner we are having spagetti. so we should have a fun day. Iam tired already was planning on scrapbooking but not happing tonight. maybe tomarrow. have a nice night all. happy easter.