Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

Hello all, good afternoon I should say here. It's all ready 3:13 here. SO i guess it's past the afternoon. any how, i just want to say a quick Happy Birthday to my hubby. I love ya! He turns 31 today. We went out last night without the kiddos, it was nice. today we are going out for pizza. So he had a good weekend. I don't have a pic of him by himself, only of us together.

I have been getting more pages done. iam so happy. The night before i was working on A valentine one, for makaylas cards from school that she got. I cant Waite to share. it's coming out cute!
Have a great Sunday all.



Back again, this time with some layouts to share. i have been on a roll for the last few days. it's nice to get do do pages again. I have been trying to get athena's book started. iam way behind in hers. so here are a few I have done...

This one is a bit blurry. I thought it came out cute. I used the sugar and spice cartridge.
I love how this one turned out. my super model. used my minds eye kit.

This one has to be my favorite one of all. My two girls here. are'nt those little people cute. hey are from sugar and spice also.

And the last one of me and my hubby holding Athena for the first time. I love these pics. I actually got this from a sketch in scrapbook ect magazine.
Hope you guys like my pages. have a great night all.

Rainy Day

it's been raining all day long here. so it's been kind of a gloomy day. Not much going on here. I have been scrappin. Evey night I have been working on a Page. I think My mojo is finally back!! yay.
So tomorrow I will post some pics of my pages.
Hope everyone is having a great day.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recap On V-day

Hello all , been a crazy few days. now iam back. Have some v-day pics to share. so pic overload.
We had a nice Valentines day. On Sunday i cooked a nice dinner for us. I gave makayla and my hubby our gifts. They liked them. on Monday Makayla and I made cupcakes. so we had a nice one. Makayla had her valentines party the friday before. she had a lot of fun. she came home with all her cards and candy. it was so cute.
Not much going on today. it has been a couple of nice days here. it's getting a bit warm. I think we are suppose to get rain tomorrow. But the weekend is suppose to be nice. This weekend we are going to a petting zoo with some friends of ours. Makayla is excited to go. well i better get some cleaning done. Athena just fell asleep. so i better take advantage before makayla gets home. have a wonderful day all. Makayla helping me with the sprinkles on the cupcakes.

My hubby got this bear foe her. she just loves it.

here iam with my girls.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Friday

Friday all ready here. it's 12:32 and Iam still up. My lil one does not want to go to sleep. I don't hear her cry any more so maybe she is finally asleep. Lets hope :)

I did get some scrappin done today. I did twp pages and then I ran out of those stickers you put on the back. I cant think of the name. anyhow i need to pick some more up so i can finish my pages. I think my mojo may be coming back. yay.

Whats everyone doing this weekend? Iam not sure what we are doing. We are suppose to get out taxes tomorrow. If we do we were going to the city to shop a bit, so iam hoping! I want to take makayla to watch the movie gnomio and Juliet. I think that's how you spell it! I do want to get out of the house. well i better better get going. have a great night all.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day...

Yes more snow today. No more snow, i cant Waite for spring to get here. Makayla didn't have school today, she was bummed out a bit. They say tomorrow it is suppose to get better and this weekend it's suppose to get warm. we will see.

Not much going on here today. Iam on the computer. The little on is in her walker making a mess every where she goes. And Makayla is working on her homework. Oh and the hubby is playing video games as always. we are just trying to keep warm. I went to take the trash out and it was freezing out there. that wind doent help! well have a great day all. I might do some scrappin later. there is a sketch at page maps that i want to do and at scrapgirl. so I might get those done later.


Monday, February 7, 2011

V-Day Cards

Here is a close up of Minnie.
A close up of the tag, says Love ya!

Hello all. a quick post before I go to bed. I made My Valentines Day Cards. I must say they came out cute. They are also for the challenge at Fantabulous challenge blog. It's share the love and we have to use love . So I made these cards using the Mickey font cartridge. The tag on the top says Love ya. They are also having a Blog hop there too, you should go check it out.
This is the most scrappin I have done in a while. I wanted to do more tonight But iam getting tired. Maybe tomorrow. We are suppose to get another storm tomorrow night. More snow. I cant Waite for spring to come. Well they say that this weekend should be nicer. Crazy weather I say. Well have a great night all. stay warm.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally did a page..

I actually worked on a layout today. Well i started it yesterday and i just finished it. It was for a challenge at Inspired BluePrints. It was a nice sketch and I thought I'd give it a try. I think It came out pretty good. When I took the pic it was bit blurry. My camera has a spot maybe where the lens is, or something. Iam not sure.
Well i better get to bed now. I think tomorrow I'll work on another page, i fell inspired. have a great night all.
Happy Scrappin

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I took These pics from indoors, too cold to go out just yet.
View from the window!

Here are some pics of the snow going on here. It's pretty crazy. I guess it's a state of emergency in some places. Last I heard it was 8 degrees here. Brrrrr. We are just trying to stay warm here, But it's so cold that the cold come in through the window cracks and by the door. We have the heater on sense the morning. Iam not sure how my hubby is going to work. When He got home this morning he said the tires were already stuck in the snow. SO I have t wake him up early so he could try and get the truck out or he will be in for the rest of the night!
So we have just been wathcing tv, on the computer and coloring. I told makayla we might try and get some Valentines cards done later. It's just gonna be a lazy day. Stay warm those of you who have snow. Have a great day !