Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello all. Gosh Tuesday all ready and I still have not worked on my daughters decorations for her B-day. I better get a move on them. That's my plan for tomorrow.
I do have some cards to share. I know i have shared them before. There is a challenge over at Fantabulous Cricut using a Halloween Idea. So i thought I'd share my cards I made. Hope you guys like them. have a good night all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper Variety

Here is a view from the top.

Hello all. Hopefully i still have time to submit my project. I made these candy glass things for my daughters teacher for halloween. These are just some glass cups I found at walmart in the craft section. I added a orange ribbon around. and put some candy in side. And i made these monsters from the mini monsters cart. which is my fave right now.
Angi from cokie pop told me about the Paper Variety. So sure why not inter them in. Thanks Angi! Hope you guys like them. Have a great night all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kids Asleep....

Both kids are asleep. Makayla doesn't feel good today.She was fine in the morning. Then she said she was tired and wanted to sleep. i felt her and she was burning up. So i gave her Motrin and she was out! So I'll let her sleep for a while. Glad she doesn't have school for a few days.
Before i went to bed i made these boxes. Once again out of the mini monsters cart. That's like my favorite one right now. I think they came out cute. that's all i have to share for today. going to get some laundry done before the kiddos wake up! Have a good day all!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Made a project Tonight

Hello blogers. I made these candy projects. tell me what you think. Sorry the lighting is a bit bad. the colors didn't come out too well.
I made these for Makayla's teachers for Halloween. I found these two glasses in the craft section at walmart. I tied some orange ribbon and some black twine like. Made these mini monsters for the mini monster cartridge. Which I think are cute!! I put some Halloween candy. They came out OK I think. I hope they will like them. We also have parent teacher conference in the morning.
That's all i have for tonight. have a great night all. Am off to bed!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday Already

Wow where has this weekend gone? It flew by as always. we didn't do much but bum around the house. Makayla has a short week this week they have fall break. I want to get the house done so we could spend some time together, doing Halloween projects and baking and hanging out! Iam excited.
Iam also making some cute Halloween candy cups for her teachers. Am working on them tomorrow so when iam done i will post a pic! I hope they come out cute.
i better try to get to bed it's already 12:42. i have been going to bed super late. not fun. have a great day all.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Cards

This is the cute mummy. i love it!
The Ghost.

Candy corn girl. she's cute also!

Little alien.

Hello all i have not been posting again. I tell ya, i get on a roll then i stop. well i have some scrappy thing done. I got my cartridges that I ordered. i got the sponge bob one and mini monsters. which i love! So i made these adorable cards. and Am not done i am making more. but aren't they the cutest!! just had to share.
Yesterday , or last night Emma from my creative time, had a live stream going on. I had never heard of one. It was pretty neat i must say. I got to see Emma talk live and we got to chat with others on line. it was fun. Emma you did an awesome job!
Well that's really all i have for tonight. have a great day. glad it's already Friday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Morning

Hello all,. how is everyone today. Yesterday we took our pic for our Halloween cards. It came out OK. The baby was not looking at the camera and the sun was bright so it was a bit hard to see. Am not exactly happy with it, but it's nice. We might take another one this weekend. Am not sure yet.
Well last night i made a Halloween wreath. it came out nice. for being my first time making one. I also tried to make a video on it so i could out on here. Let me tell ya it didn't come out good at all. Maybe i Will try again like making a card or something. well see. It was fun trying! I will try to post a pic later.
Well not much going on today. the usuall. clean the house. Maybe I'll get some scrappin done.
Have a great day all! Happy Fall


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sugar and Spice Cartrige

I just had to share that I got the sugar and spice cart at walmart this weekend. Iam excided to try it out. it's so cute. It's perfect for my baby girl's pics. Now I could finally start her album.
not much going on here, it's past my bed time again. One of these days i will go to bed on time. Untill tomarrow.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday

Gish Friday already. where had thsi week gone. it flew by. Well i dont know what iam doing up still. It's 2:07am, i should be sleep. I get in bed and i just lay there watching tv and can not sleep. so after this i will try to get some sleep :).
Not sure what we have planed for thsi weekend. I want to do something. Iam tired of being at home i need to get out! Maybe I'll ask the hubby if he wants to go out to dinner or something. will see.I also want to squeeze some scrapbooking time in. I want to get some halloween cards done.
I guess that all for tonight. have a great weekend all.