Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday

Hello all. A quick post before the kiddos wake up. they both are napping at the same time. Love it!
Today we went on a field trip with Makaylas class. it was at a kids farm. it was really nice. the kids had lots of fun . They had a hay ride, bounce house, barrel train ride, magic show. the kids got to eat lunch there. here she is posing for me after eating lunch. she is too funny. she looks at me and say this is the best day ever! then at the end of the day she goes mommy thanks for coming. I was like awww, i love it. It made it all worth while!!

Miss athena was just starting at everything and everyone. she was a good baby. didn't cry at all. she liked the hay ride i think. well not much going on this weekend. my hubby is going to play paintball tomorrow. so just me and the girls. so iam hoping to scrapbook a bit. been saying that for about 3 weekends now.

well got to go, the little one just got up. have a great weekend all.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week Flew By

Gosh where did this week go? It went by fast. Thursday already. Not much going on today just clean as usuall. I did'nt have time to get some layouts done. hopefully today I can. Iam so far behind!

My baby Girl got her report card Tuesday. she did very well. iam so proud of her. The only thing is that she tends to talk at time, but she is still learning to be around kids. So I went to walmart yesterday and got her some clothes for her barbie dolls. she was super happy. Then tomarrow she has a feild trip to a farm. she is really excided about that. We are going to meet her there.

Well i hope eveyone is having a great day.


Friday, March 18, 2011

been a while

hello all, gosh its been a while sense i have been on here. just been busy with the kiddos. Makayla is on spring break. other than not not much going on here. i have'nt had time to srapbook lately. i am hoping tonight i could once the kids go to bed.
the little one is naping right now. I finally got thier pictures taken at a studio. omg they came out so cute. i cant waite to get the pics. they had on matching dresses.

well i better get some things done before she wakes up. have a great day all. talk to you later.

happy scrappin