Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello all. Been a while again. Iam back. Look what i found today at Walmart. I was looking at the clearance part . They had some toys and other things there. I did find some filling folders. which were cute and only a dollar. Some other things for makayla of course and cheap. anyhow i saw some cricut cartriges. Of course I had to look. I saw this tinker Bell one. It had two prices. one was 24$ and 20$. SO I was going to take it to the register and see what price it really was. anyhow it turned out to be $8.00. I was like wow even better. so i just had to share with you guys my find. I cant Waite to use it.

Today we just went to town and ran errands and got some lunch and came home. It was nice to get out of the house. It is such a great day today. I did'nt have to wear a sweater today. It is suppose to be this way all weekend. Iam excited. it's almost like spring out. I think I'll take makayla to ride her bike tomorrow. she hasn't even rode it sense her birthday and that was in Nov.

well friends i better get going and get some cleaning done cause I do want to scrapbook this weekend. Iam so way behind. Have a great Friday and weekend.

Happy Scrappin


  1. Wow!!! $8? That is a great deal! Hope you have fun playing!! I am hoping to get out this weekend to ride bikes with the kids. We haven't done that in forever. Have a great weekend!