Monday, May 24, 2010

I Thought I'd post Today..

It's been a while sense my last post. Well been keeping busy. with two kids it's pretty hard trying to juggle everything and keeping the house clean. it's getting better. Just been getting the house in order. My mom is comeing to visit so i want the house really clean and in order. Iam excited cant Waite for her to meet Athena.
I just love this pic. Makayla was so excited to hold her sister. that smile on her face is priceless! She was happy! As for scrapbooking, well one day i will start again! I miss it and i have so many pics I need to do. so far behind. I have to get Athena's album started! Well that's all for tonight. I should get some sleep before she wakes up again. night all.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's A Girl

Makayla holding her baby sister.
Hello all. Iam Athena!

Hello all. Well I had the baby already. Just hadn't posted yet. been trying to catch up and clean house and get organized. It's hard to get use to A little one in the house again. No sleep.
I had her on 5-3-10 at 3:23pm. she weighed 6-9, lenght 19 1/2. her name is Athena wintermoon Sara. She has a long name. She is doing well. she is pretty good during the day. she sleeps all day and at night she tends to wake up allot it seems. or Am just tired. but she is a good baby.
Makayla is happy to be a big sister. she is a bit jealous at time. like she gets in the stroller and acts like a baby and she crawls around. we give her alot of attention. and she helps me out alot with the baby.
Now my scrapbooking has to Waite for a bit. when i can get the time to. I have so many pics to catch up on. And now I have Athena's book to get started. well all have a great Saturday. Am back to cleaning before Athena wakes up from her nap.