Thursday, January 6, 2011


Iam trying to put a desk together and it's not fun. I had gotten a desk for my scrapbook stuff. So today I finally deiced to put it together and it's all wrong. I have to take it apart and start over it's backwards! So Iam a bit frustrated.

On a happier not, Yesterday we went out to the city, we had to take my mother in law to the doctor's. Afterwards we went to Target. I love that store! I got the girl some outfits. they had lots of sales. Even my hubby got some pants and a got the cutest sweater. Then we had lunch and went home. Oh I forgot I had to get some Starbucks. They still have the peppermint mocha. I was happy they still had it.

Well i better get going and try to finish this desk before Makayla gets home. have a h great day all!



  1. I love Target too!!! Sometimes when I just need to get away, i'll go and walk around Target for no particular reason. :-) Good luck with the desk, those kinds of projects frustrate me! I make my hubby do them. Ha ha!

  2. Walmart or tha Dollar Store is my store of choice.I' guess be cause it is the close'st to my home.I' love Starbucks,I'know all to well about running away lol