Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Already..

My baby got her shorts yesterday. i had to take a pic of her bandaid. iam crazy!
My baby had her 2month check up yesterday. she got 3 shots and one she had to drink. oh it hurt me to hear her cry. she did cry. poor baby. She did really well she did not get a fever and she sleept most if the day. so i was glad. i had to take a pic of her little leg with her bandaid. iam crazy. i take pics for eveything.
This week has gone by so fast. gosh alreday friday tomarrow. i dont think we have any plans. just kick it at home. it suppose to rain. it rained all day today pretty much. iam glad when the rain stops. it's suppose to be summer. iam hopeing to get some projects done. there are some chalenges I want to do. Hopefully I'll get those done. have a good eveing all.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

Happy 4th eveyone. it was raining all day yesterday. they did not have the fireworks at the park. and today so far it's not raing yet. we are suppose to go to a BBQ later at a friends house. well see.
Here is a pic of me and the girls at the family reuion yesterday. we had our matching shirts on! athena looks so little. have a a safe 4th.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wrong day..

I put the wrong day. Yesterday All day I thought it was friday for some reason. Iam a dork!! sorry all. Now it's Friday. Dont ask what iam doing up? I should be sleeping, my daughter has been asleep for like 2 hours now and i now the minute I get in bed she will wake up.
Anyhow i made this card last night for a friend. I finally used my Hoot N Holler cart! I like it.I think my card came out cute! it's suppose to be like a summer owl. I better get to bed, it's already going to be 2:00am soon. we are supose to get up early for breakfast, with my mother in law. night all.

Happy Friday

Another pic of my little Princess. I had to take a pic of her after her bath. speaking of pics, i still have'nt started athena's album. I have the pics but no time to scrapbook them. maybe tonight. If athena goes to sleep early for me.
Any one have plas for this weekend? well on saturday we are going to a family reuion in the morning. and at night we are going to a BBQ to watch fire works. My hubby's friend from work. They live across from the park and the have fireworks evey 4th of july. so we could sit and watch them from there. and on sunday we are going to a nother frineds house for BBQ and do fireworks. so we have a busy weekend! It gets me out of the house! yay.well have a safe happy 4th of july all!