Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello all, sorry for that hello post yesterday. I was trying to post from my cell phone and i did'nt know how to work it so i must have press the send button by accident! It is pretty warm here in Oklahoma today. it's nice. Just makes fell lazy and not want to do anything today! I did manage to get some pages done last night. i'll try and post them tomarrow. I als have to make decorations for my dd b-day coimng up next month. I cant beleive she will be 1 already. it seems like i just had her! Iam excided cause we are having her birhday party In California. We are going out ther for 2 weeks, for easter. My family has'nt meet Athena yet so they are excided. Well I better get going, Makayla got home and she needs to clean her bedroom and have a snack. have a great day all! Angie

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