Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday

Hello all, how is every one doing today? Iam good. Just a quick post here before i start to clean up a bit. Athena just fell asleep so i get some free time for a bit! And Makayla is waiting to play a game on the computer.

Yesterday I took the girls to the doctors. Makayla was doing better with her allergies but gave her a different medicine to try and see if that works better. And poor Athena she had a ear infection and her chest was congested. They put her on a inhaler. she doent like it it at all. it goes on her face like a mask. and she has to take 2 medicines twice a day. I know she will get better. so that was our day yesterday.

Today i am not sure what we are doing. We might go out later this evening , get some shopping done and get something for dinner. well i better get going time for lunch. Not sure what iam gonna make though !

Have a great Saturday all!


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  1. ah, your poor girls!! I hope they are feeling better soon. Hope you have a great evening!!