Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow the last post of 2010. where has the year gone? Iam hpoing this is a better year. new things and new resolutions and more scrappin.

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy New year. Thanks to my followers who have been with me. And who ever else reads my blog. until next year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can not sleep

I don't know why Am still up? Lately I have been going to sleep early. Of course I was going to try to go to bed and miss Athena is not sleep? I went to check her and she was up playing in her crib. so we might be up for a while.

I got some much needed cleaning done. And I might say I actually feel great about it! Then tomorrow I will get another room done. Am also still putting away Christmas stuff slowly. I hate to take my tree down, it came out so nice this year. I wish I could leave it up all year long!

Just wanted to write a quick post before I went to bed. have a great night all.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Been Sick

Hello all. hope everyone had a great holiday. We did here except for we were all sick. Not fun at all. I still have a cough and runny nose. the cough is awful, one of those that stays for weeks I guess. anyhow not fun and the girls are still getting over their colds also.

We had a great Christmas. i think makayla got everything she wanted except for that barbie house. we just couldn't find it any where. If i do find one iam sure we will get it for her. And my little one got some toys and clothes. she was just happy with the paper. My hubby and girls got me the Cricut Design studio and some replacements blades. I cant Waite to use it. Today was the first day I have been on the computer in weeks. I cant Waite to get to scrappin again. iam hoping the new year is going to have some changes and new things!! I cant Waite.

well have a good night, hoping to get Athena to bed soon so I can. Alot to do tomorrow.


Friday, December 17, 2010

finally friday

Been MIA again. it's been a crazy week. Makayla has so much going on at school this week, so we have been busy. I also too their holiday pics for my cards. They came out so cute.
Makayla had her Christmas party today and they sang songs. it was the cutest. Makayla was a present. I can not believe that I for got my camera and video camera!! I was so mad. I had them charging and I said Ok iam not going to forget them, and what do I do, I was so mad. My hubby had his phone but the pics did not come out the same. we did get some video also on his phone. It was a cute performance.
Tomorrow we have to get our last minute shopping done. I know we are not done yet and the stores are gonna be crazy. well i better get going these kids are driving , me crazy today. I don't know what is wrong with them. Miss Athena is in her walker and getting everything, she is fast.
Have a great weekend all. stay warm..

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello all, thought I'd do a quick post before I went to bed! Well here are my home made crayons. What do you think? They came out ok I guess. The colors look a bit weird but they are cute.

Makayla and I started this project last night. We made a mess. it's a pain taking off all the paper off the crayons. It takes a while. I think i made 3 batches. Iam sure they will look better when I wrap them up in baggies. This was our first attemp. at making these crayons. I thiought they would make cute gifts for makayla's class. We had fun making them!

Iam almost done with my cards also. Last night I picked up my cards from walmart. iam also doing the picture ones. They came out cute. it's only the girls. it's going to be a busy week I think.

well i better get to bed now, see you guys all tomarrow.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Morning

My Bug sticker. Love it!

Good Morning all. I have been up sense 5 this morning. The little one wasn't feeling well. she didn't want her bottle sense last night as if her tummy hurt her. so I tried feeding her this morning and she threw up all over the bed! wasn't pretty. she is asleep now. iam hoping she feels better today.
I have some scrappy things to share finally. For the last few nights I have been staying up and making cards. I got 5 done. They are coming out nice I must say! My fave is the elf one. it was a pain to put together. I think they are coing out good. I had to share my bug sticker on my cricut. I bought it from scrappin with my bug. I just love it. Iam hoping to put my name next to it.
So tonight i might just make some more cards, iam on a roll. or maybe a page! well now iam off to clean the girls room. I might add that iam also drinking coffee. which i normally don't drink. so iam a bit wired this morning. later on today i know I will get tired! have a great day all. and stay warm. it's a bit chilly here!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Gosh where did the day go? I really did'nt do anything but kinda bumbed around today and watch TV! Well I did some laundry and not done yet.

On Friday My hubby and I went to the city to pick up my mother in law from the airport. She did'nt get in until 10:45 that night but we went early and around 4:30 we left. And we had no kids, so that was nice. We did a little shopping, went to target, walmart, toys r us and best buy. I found a few things for the girls. I got my peppermint mocha from Starbucks. it was yummy. Oh and yesterday they had Santa at Walmart so we took the girls. They got their picture taken. Makayla was so happy to see santa. And Athena it was her first time seeing Santa. She didn't cry when I sat her down. she just look at the camera. she didn't smile. she looked a bit mad, she always looks mad, lol. It should be a cute pic!

Well i better get the girls in the bath soon before it gets late. have a nice night all!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Put the tree up..

The tree all finished
Athena was helping me put an ornament on! She is too cute.

Last night Makayla and I decorated the tree. she loved it! she had been waiting all week. I had to buy another one. that's OK . It came out nice. Miss Athena helped out also. she was so amazed she didn't know what to think. We had fun.
Not much going on here today. same old stuff around here. Iam not sure what we are doing tomorrow yet. I want to take the girls to see Santa at walmart. I am hoping we could go. once again hoping to get some scrappin done. we will see. have a great weekend all!