Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday almost over

Sunday has went by so fast. Did'nt do much today. after being out yesterday all day i was tired. we did'nt get home till about 7:30 last night. We had a nice day outin the city. It was cold. A bit of snow coming down. We still went. for dinner we went to olive Garden. That was so yummy. we were pigys. we even had desert.. I had this rasberry cheesecake. Oh My gosh it was good. My hubby had this chocolate little cake with strawberrys. that was great also. Enough about food.
nothing went on today. Another lazy day. we had pizza for dinner. Now we are just watchingtv wateing for my hubby to get home from work. well hopefully this week i will scrapbook. I just have'nt been motivaed for some reason. Iam just so tired all the time. well have a great evening all.


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