Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hello all. I could'nt think of a title. Not much going on here. I did'nt get any scrapbooking done today. Well iam working on a christmas layout. that i can not finish. I did'nt like the way it came so iam still playing with the layout. hopefully it will come out nice.
well other than that we just went to get some groceries and had lunch at Mc donalds. makayla wanted to go there. She loves that place. Also we went to a Flea market. they had all kids of stuff. I got some more baby clothes. Really cute ones.
This morning I was at the computer before we left. Makayla comes running to me. she says mommy come to my room there is something i want to show you. so i did'nt think nothing of it. I told her to waite. again she goes come there are kittens on my bed. I was like what. SO i finally got up. Sure enough there was the cat with kittens next to her. I was like wow. We had no idea she was pregnant. She had 5 all together. she was on makayla's bed. I guess sense she always goes and sleeps there. So now we have kittens.
Well that was our day today. I'll probably get to bed soon. I have alot of cleaning to do. good night all.


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