Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Busy day

I have had a busy day. more like a productive day i think. I had a docs appt this morning. Everything is good. baby is growing the way she's suppose to. I have two more 2 weeks appt. then I'll be going every week. wow is getting close. am a bit scarred. I feel like this is my first kid again. I know I'll be ok. just stressing a bit.
Then we came home and i felt motivated to clean. so i started in the laundry room. Which needed help. it was a mess. but I got it done. took me a few hours. but it looks so much better. I feel good that it's done. i have to get by butt in gear and finish the house before the baby comes. So i will do each room at a time till they are clean. then after dinner i also worked on a layout for let's scrap. their weekly challenge. I tried these new flowers. out of circles. i saw it in a mag. they looked fun to make so i thought I'd try. they came out nice I think. I definaly will try it again. I still haven't gotten my pics yet. Iam really upset!!!!
I went to the site to write to them and tell them i haven't recived them yet. they told me to Waite one more day if not let them know. they will resend them. so if that's the case I might have to Waite longer for them. Makes me mad!
I better get to bed soon. Am such a piggy tonight. I just ate a cup o noodle and some cookies. i just felt hungry i guess. Now I could go for some bacon. well have a great night all.


  1. wow she is so cute great layout like the flowers :)

  2. This is such a cute page, love the colors.