Friday, March 5, 2010

Nice day out

It's is so nice today. it's a bit windy. it was nice all morning. it just reallygot windy. iam so hot. all i can wear is sweats . at lest thats all that fits right now. it' horrible. I cant waite to get back to my normal clothes. anyhow, we went to a couple of yard sales this morning. I love to yard sale. iam glad they are starting to come back. did'nt find anthing there. then we hit a few stores. I got makayla some tops and a dress and the new baby some clothes. I was happy to get some stuff.
now we are just resting. we have been up sense 7:00. Well i have. i got makayla up at 7:30. we left by8:00. we had a good day
Not much going on tonight. i have a page i need to get done later for a challenege at Lets Scrap. SO I haveto finsh that. I still have'nt gotten my pics yet. iam so mad!! it's been like 2 weeks now. I better get them tomarrow. well have a good weekend all.

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