Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hubby's Birthday

Happy Birthday My Love!
I had to make a post dedicated to my hubby. His Birthday was saturday. It's a bit late! Actually we had a dinner for him on thursday. cause he works nights and it's hard during the weekend to get everyone togther. His mom made him Lasagna. which was yummy. we made him a almond joy cake. at least our version of it. it was good. he liked it. He had a nice birthday. He's the best hubby ever. Love you Honey!
As for today I did'nt do much of anything once again. I dont know what is wrong with me. iam so tired i guess. I did do our bedroom and vacum but thats it. so tomarrow iam gonna try to get up early and get the living room done. the bathroom and makayla's room. it's horrible. I hope it will be a better day tomarrow. I did'nt get any scrapbooking done at all. I just have no mojo i guess right now. Iam also wateing for my pics. they have took for ever to get here. i ordred them a week ago. Iam kinda mad. i hope they come tomarrow. Keep my fingers crossed.
well thats all for tonight. I have to change a load over and get makayla in the bath soon. have a good night all.

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