Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday

My New toy.I love it. My Hubby got it for me for V-day. I love you Honey!

Hello all. Gosh Monday already. Hope everyone had A Nice Valentines Day. We did. We had our nice dinner. It was Yummy. We were so full after. today we had left overs for lunch. I cant believe my hubby got me a Cricut. He came home yesterday with it. I was like OMG! I was happy. I just cant belive he spent that on me. But he said He has'nt gotten me anything nice.He is so sweet. I love it. ok enough about that.
He got my Makayla a dora lego set that she has been wanting. We had a good one. I did'nt get any pages done this weekend. I was so tired. i am today also. I dont know why? No energy I guess. I need some.we were out al day and i did'nt get anything done around the house. so tomarrow morning iam hoping to get up early and clean. at least thats the plan. well thats all for today. have a good evening all.

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  1. wow girl you are not the only one that got a cricut expretions i got it too for v- day and my birthday we have great hubby's i have the small cricut and i love it you are going to have so much fun with it next you have to get the gypsy it is the best thing ever i got one for x- mas and it is the best gift ever girl well have fun with your cricut:) and congrats rubber hugs ana