Sunday, August 1, 2010

Have'nt Posted In A While...

Hello folks, i have'nt posted in a while it seems. Just been busy with the kids. with the little one. she is going to be 3months already. I can not belive it. she is getting so big fast. she already coo's. she is too cute.
so no time to get any pages done. i do need to. iam so way behind. i have'nt even started her book yet. so maybe this week if i get some time i will get some scrapbooking done.
then my Makayla will be starting school in a week. Iam kida sad. sad that is is my big girl. not my baby any more. she is excided to be going to school. i think she will like it. so we have been getting her ready for school.
other than that, same old stuf here. it's has been so hot her. Our house is like supper hot lately. so hopefully tonight it will be a bit cooler. have a good night all.


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  1. Hi Angie - I think a card is a great idea - here is what I made last year for the end of the first week of school - she loved it!