Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday almost over

My dd getting ready for the pool. we went to a pool party!
My little Athena smiling. I love this pic! she looks so cute!
Once again I did'nt get to do any scrapbooking last weekend. i have been so lazy for some reason. I need to get out of this funk! I have some challenges I want to do. just have to get my butt and do them. Maybe tomarrow i'll clear my table off.
well did'mnt do much again as always. I have to get my butt in gear. it's cause , when makayla leaves for school i go back to sleep for a while and wont get up till like 10ish or so. so then iam dragging all day long. I should stay up after she leaves and start doing chores!
Well anyhow have a good night all!


  1. omg she is getting so big two beautiful girls how much fun !!

  2. Hey love I' have'nt forgot abot you & the family lol.I' ve been going though a lot and need a break haha.Plus my pc is acting a azz lol.They came to fix it Thursday ,but had the wrong parts omg lol.I' hope to be back in motion soon.I've been working and going back a fourth to court.I' am so tired of that mess.I' see the baby is so big now omg.Neveaeh is growing fast too.She is almot six weeks,now she has some color on her haha.Tell Makayla I' like her pics.Have a great weekend.