Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Halloween Pics..

Baby Athena. She did'nt want to look at the camera. I still got a pic.
Makayla and her cousin.

The whole gang here. My hubby, atnena,makayla and her cosuins.

Here are some pics from halloween. They had a good time.Eveyone looked so awosme. we only went to a few houses. it was hard to get athena in and out of the car. and she had fallen asleep. But makayla had a great time.
well not much going on today. just clean the house as usuall.Makayla just got home from school. We are going to do some home work. Once again tonight when the kiddos go to sleep i will post the pics of the decorations from the party. Have a great day all!


  1. Great halloween pics!!! I love that last one of everybody dressed up. Looks like a fun night!

  2. Hey sweet omg you all looked so cute for halloween!!! Lil mama is sitting there like she is a year old already haha.She is too cute in her outfit.I' have seriously been neglecting my blogs lol.There are not enough hours in the day for me.I'am trying to recover my lo's I've done in the past so I' can add them to my blogs.And it's taking me forever.Also the place I' get my digi from i' had to go back and redownload all my kits for the last 3years.I' thought they were save on my hard drive and most wasn't.Omg I'just spent $280.00 bucks on kits.Thank God I' caught it before I' have to redo them too.We didn't do anything for halloween but chill at home.My grandkids weren't her so that was cool for me haha.They stoped by on their way to their other grandparents house.Nevaeh is almost 15lb now.She is having a lot of problems with her feeding.Every month her milk is been changed.well girly I' better scoot I' have some more rounds to make chat with ya later kiss the kids for me bye.`