Sunday, April 11, 2010


Once again i have'nt posted in a while. Been busy a bit. not much going on here. just wathing my nice and newphews. while my inlaws went into town. just been trying to get the house clean. This week i really need to get into gear and finish. i kept saying that but it really needs to happen. The baby will be here in a few weeks and i have not a thing ready. I have a buket of clothes just sitting there and not but away. I know thats bad.
wny how, and as for scrappy things, have'nt worked on that ethier. tonight iam making a card for my nices b-day next week. and maybe work on a layout. will see. well it's a short post again. have a great sunday all.

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  1. hey girlfriend what are ya up too lol.i'm getting ready to turn in.i' have to go back to tha doc 2morrow omg.i' feel okay now but when they get though,i'll be hurting 4 sure lol.i' love the pic of kayla 4 easter.she is gettin so big!!!!i' know she will be a lot of help with the baby.i'm afraid my 2 gb's will be fight over tha new baby lol.i' dont know if i' told u or not i' have a blog award 4 ya girl.i' just been tired and it's alot to put all that info on.i'll promise to stop being lazy real soon haha. have a good night sweetie.miss ya von..