Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Monday

Hope eveyone had a good easter. we did. here are a few pics. He went to brekfast really early before it would get packed. Then came home and hide eggs. Makayla had lots of fun. We had a nice day.
not much going on today. Same old stuff. clean and clean. nothing new. Tomarrow I have a docs appt. Well i better get to bed. it's a short post today.
night night all....

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  1. hOkay i'm gonna try this again lol.I've been trying to pm you for a week.For some reason it would not go through.How are you and the family doing.I'm going to have another gd yipe lol.I' have to go back for the Mri on Wensday.So far the pain has finnally stoped.I' feel like a walking drugstore junkie lol.My neck is stiff and my shoulders.but I' feel a lot better then I' was a couple of weeks ago.What are you naming the baby.Something with Von will be nice lol.I' have a blog award for you!!! I' got to find out how to set it up lol.I'll try to do it Sunday.well I' better scoot.I' hope this one goes through lol.Have a blessed weekend miss ya Von...