Friday, April 16, 2010

Cant sleep

What Am I doing up? dont know i just cant sleep. I went to the restroom and then i just could'nt sleep. it's 3:09am. Iam just so uncomfortable now. I toss and i turn all night.
now my daughter is got up. so all 3 of us are up. I know we are crazy. Iwill try to go tto bed soon.
Not much going on here this weekend. tomarrow they are making a b-day dinner. I requested enchiladas, rice and beans. yummy!!! My -day is sunday but my hubby works, so thats why we are doing it tomarrow. On saturday we are just cleaning the house. finally reanageing the bedrom around. to make room for the baby. We are just going to be around the house.
Iam als hoping to get some scrappy things done. iam so behind! I jus been so tired lately. i just dont want to do anything. My big belly gets in the way.
Before i leave just wantedto say hello to my friend Von. How are ya Girl. I just got your message. Miss ya girl. If you read this i'll write to you On if you check that. have a great weekend von.
I better try to get to sleep or else i'll be getting up late! I gotta to get my dd to bed also. night all!

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