Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where has the day gone...

This day went by fast. I did'nt do anything today what so ever. I was so tired. I dont sleep much at night. Mu hubby works nights and I just cant sleep at all till he gets home. Like today I got up at 1:oopm. I know thats bad! Tomarrow i'll do better.
Anyhow I did'nt get any layouts done today Like I wanted to. Hopefully tomarrow. I have some other challenges I need to get done. I finally got my pics from walgreens. I ordered them through the mail. wont do that again. it took for ever. Next time I'll do the 1 hour. well thats all for today. i have to clean my table up it's all unorganized. with scrapbook stuff every where. i dont have a place to work at other than the table. have a good nite all.


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