Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday almost over

My dd at Olive Garden. she was so happy and with her New puffy purse that she loves.

I really liked the way this bow came out. had to take a close up.

Iam making a late post today. I got two layout done tonight. 1 for Let's scrap and the other 2 for Color me daisy. they cmae out nice I think. I like them all. other than that did'nt do much today again. I dont know whats wrong with me. I need energy. well i better get to bed. it's pretty late.
I had to add this one last pic. It's of my dd at olive garden. she was so happy to go there. we dont go often cause it's in the city. it's 2 hours away from us. anyhow she loves that place. and she wnated this pink puffy purse she had seen last time we went up there. and it was still there. what luck huh. we got it for her. she loves it.

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  1. Hey my buddy,thank's for stoping by and all the love.Come back and join my thingy were the map is lol.put your pic on it ,and sign up for the blog candy give away.Much love Von...