Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Morning

My Bug sticker. Love it!

Good Morning all. I have been up sense 5 this morning. The little one wasn't feeling well. she didn't want her bottle sense last night as if her tummy hurt her. so I tried feeding her this morning and she threw up all over the bed! wasn't pretty. she is asleep now. iam hoping she feels better today.
I have some scrappy things to share finally. For the last few nights I have been staying up and making cards. I got 5 done. They are coming out nice I must say! My fave is the elf one. it was a pain to put together. I think they are coing out good. I had to share my bug sticker on my cricut. I bought it from scrappin with my bug. I just love it. Iam hoping to put my name next to it.
So tonight i might just make some more cards, iam on a roll. or maybe a page! well now iam off to clean the girls room. I might add that iam also drinking coffee. which i normally don't drink. so iam a bit wired this morning. later on today i know I will get tired! have a great day all. and stay warm. it's a bit chilly here!!


  1. These cards are Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!! Anita

  2. Your cards are adorable. Thanks for stopping along at my Blog Hop. I noticed you are not a follower at my blog--you must be to qualify for the prizes.
    PS your blog is soooooooo darn cute!