Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy friday

I had to post this cute pic of Athena. I think she looks so cute here! sense i have no scrapbook pages to show right now. Actually I for got I did make a fathers day card for my dad. It was simple but nice. Inside i put a pic of me and him from when i was little. a trip to disneyland. it's cute. I hope He likes it.
This weekend we are taking Makayla to see Toy Story. i cant wiat to see it. it's gonna be good. Iam hopeing to maybe work on some layouts if i can. thats my goal at least. well have a god weekend all if any one reads this.


  1. That card rocks and she is a doll! How cuteeeee!

  2. What a wondeful card.Wow she is gettin' so big!!! was'nt she just born lol.She is a doll Angie.I' wish I' could hug her and kiss those sweet cheeks.You need to move to Houston lol.Are'nt you tired of those twister's anyway lol.I' have'nt forgot you sweet.I' have gone back to work to try to pay the hospital bills and for my meds.I' have so many appointments it' sa a shame.Now they say my heart is beating to fast.And I' keep getting short of of breath..i' have'nt scrap in a while I' guess I'll do something tonight if I'm up to it.Athena is gettin' so big really quick.I' like the pic of Makayla and her dad too.She was a beautiful baby also.I'm still counting down the they seem to be standing still lol.She been having pain lately,but it's too early.Well chick I' gotta scoot.I'll check back real soon have a blessed week Von...